Center of Innovative Incubator


 The Center of Innovative Incubator of National Tsing Hua University is a joint project between NTHU and the Ministry of Science and Technology to provide space and facilities to test projects in business and technology innovation. The Center was established in September 1998 to help resident enterprises benefit from the research expertise and resources available at NTHU. The center provides professional counseling and incubation facilities for SME startups involved in the areas of information software, electronics, opto-mechatronics, biomedicine, energy, environmental technology as well as other fields for which NTHU is capable of offering assistance. We have a close working partnership with organizations such as the Entrepreneur Alliance for Incubation Graduates, Tsing Hua Entrepreneurs Network Association, Alumni Association, Beijing Tsing Hua Entrepreneurs Association, Hsinchu Industrial and Commercial Promotion Committee, and Hsinchu Industrial Park Service Center. Upon graduation from the Incubation Center graduates are referred to appropriate industrial groups and are given continual support to facilitate their growth.

Major Responsibilities of the Center include;

1. Providing low rent space, hardware, and equipment to entrepreneurs and their startups.
2. Providing access to university resources, professional counseling and technical advice as well as other technological and professional support.
3. Providing individualized counseling in areas of funding, marketing, business strategy, law and finances.
4. Offering access to information networks and counseling on government policies and other relevant industrial information.
5. Providing administrative support and access to software and hardware facilities.

Achievements of the Center

The Incubation Center has launched a total of 122 businesses and provided support to 66 faculty, student and alumni entrepreneurs. Since opening in 1998, the center has brought in investments amounting to NT$5.79 billion, helped 10 businesses issued their stocks and has received cash awards amounting to NT$8.8 million. Finally, some of the resident enterprises have won both the 12th and 15th Ministry of Economic Affairs SME Innovation Research Award.

The Center has won the following government awards:
● TheAABI Best Incubation Center of the Year Award (recommended by the Chinese Enterprise Incubator Association, and nominated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to represent Taiwan), 2009.
● University-Industry Economic Contributions Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs, 2010.
● Niche Technology Incubation Center Merit Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Office of SME, Second Place, 2012.
● Niche Technology Incubation Center Merit Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Office of SME, First Place, 2013.

Business Contacts:

Contacts:Manager Theo Liu
Telephone:+886-3-5715131 ext: 34207